Bringing a Taste of New Orleans to You . . .
In March of 1990, general laborer Edward Everidge, Sr.
traded in his hard hat and stopped using his hands on
concrete and started using them to make a icy New Orleans
favorite, “snowballs.” Having always wanted to own his
own business, he and his wife Joyce began a mobile vending unit called
“The Blessing Stop.”  They served snowballs, hotdogs, nachos, and pralines. Within a few months the business began to grow and the couple recruited their three children to pitch-in and they did just that.  With the help of Edward, Eshiqita and Leiquisha, the business began to serve festivals, reunions and New Orleans’ traditional events like Mardi Gras and Super Sunday.

Through the years the structure and focus of the Blessing Stop
has under gone various changes to create a more professional
image with growth potential and branding, thus
“The New Orleans Connection” was born.  After catastrophic loses and displacement due to Hurricane Katrina, it became both refreshing and therapeutic to share a taste of  New Orleans with the rest of the world.  Now ran by Eshiqita, her husband Michael and their 6 yr. old son Kevan, the New Orleans Connection focuses on sweet New Orleans favorites like snowballs, pralines, bananas foster, beignets and café au lait. Our special event food menu includes: gumbo, jambalaya, po-boys and boiled seafood. 
It's music, food and cultural arts makes New Orleans one of the world's most unique cities.  So special, that it's become hard to keep it to ourselves.